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There are more than 700 million young people in Asia-Pacific, an incredible source of energy and
creativity. But while only 20 per cent of the region’s workers are aged between 15 and 24, these
young people account for almost half the Asia-Pacific’s jobless. Without sufficient numbers of new,
decent employment opportunities the social and economic growth potential of the region will be
compromised. For those young people who do have jobs (about 300 million), the issue is one of
quality. Many young men and women simply cannot afford to be unemployed and are obliged to take
up jobs with poor pay, poor conditions and poor prospects. Without decent work, young people
struggle to maintain dignity, build a family and invest in their future.
The youth employment challenge is complex and closely intertwined with economic development,
child labor, rural livelihoods, urban and trans-border migration, gender, poverty and vulnerability. The
tools for addressing the challenge are similarly diverse – education, training, skills development,
social protection, self-employment and entrepreneurship, language and technology. This summit,
we’re here to solve the youth challenge and solve the world’s problems. With full-day of leadership
and self-development training, Global Goals summit having incredible speakers, designed to create
the perfect blend of practical, actionable skills, and advice mind-blowing, perspective – changing

GLOBAL GOALS SUMMIT held by Studec International in collaboration with Youthnow (official by
UN Habitat). Entering its first annual session, GLOBAL GOALS SUMMIT aims to create new urban
agents and to teach the urban youth how to join the SDGs agenda in their respective countries. With
the grand theme on Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), GLOBAL GOALS SUMMIT offers a
fully inspiring talks by renowned international expert on SDGs, exciting cultural exchange sessions
and a comprehensive leadership training that emphasizes future leader qualities.
All of these activities combined will gather the most excellent 300 young professionals, activists and
leaders of Asia Pacific countries, allowing delegates to have an overwhelmingly rich network of
contacts around the world. In a nutshell, this conference would be the best opportunity for global
youth leaders in Asia Pacific to expand their influence and provide them with a platform of
collaboration in reaching their personal and professional goals to be the front-runner of sustainable
development in their respective countries.
Spectaprogram Session
Spectaprogram Session will be held on the evening the day before the conference. The
program coordinator will deliver opening remarks to officially mark the start of GLOBAL GOALS
SUMMIT. Before the conference start, in order to learn the conference work and to understand
the rules of procedure of this event. The committee also explain dos and don’ts all of the
session and will guide a detailed procedure of the Conference and networking session with all
of delegates to enjoyably explore all kinds of useful information. It makes an ideal icebreaker to
starting the summit.
Global Goals Conference
Global Goals Summit will be attend by International Speakers, Government, Young Innovators,
Social Activist and the experts. Having grand theme Becoming The Next Leader in SDGs Spirit
offers full of meaningful hours and inspiring conference.
7 Global Goals Meeting
The delegates will be becoming an SDGs youth agent to solve the world problems. Meet more
than 4 meeting forum in the different fields in SDGs areas. Delegates will be moderated by
Chairs, ensuring that the flow of discussing will result in a comprehensive resolution which will
be condensed from every solution and idea that delegate bring.
Gala- dinner, awarding and cultural night
Delegates will be having dinner together with other delegates, knowing each other and expand
the networking of the delegates. And the night will be peak of enjoyment and inspiration as we
will present prestigious awards to high achiever delegates.
Global Goals Action Ambassador
In 2015, world leader agreed to 17 goals for a better world by 2030. These goals have the power
to end poverty, fight inequality and stop climate change. The global goals will only be met we
work together. In this summit, we are looking for the GLOBAL GOALS Action Ambassador that
will be inaugurated by Youthnow (Official Partner by UN HABITAT). As we know United Nations
Human Settlements Programme (UN HABITAT) is the United Nations agency for human
settlements and sustainable urban development. It is also a core organization of youth policy.
After being named as Global Goals Action Ambassadors, they have the duty to spread the spirit
of the Global Goals in their respective communities and countries.

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